Core Configurator 2.0 on Microsoft Hyper-V R2

Aug 21, 2010 at 9:38 PM

Hi. Many great thanks to You. Those tools brought the easy of configuration.

So I'd like to share knowledge, which might help You out.


Actually I've also managed to run SharpDevelop version 3 on Hyper-V R2.

First of all You need to install .NET version 3 (using ocsetup)


start /w ocsetup NetFx3-ServerCore
start /w ocsetup NetFx3-ServerCore-WOW64

Then just do Windows Update with all the 3.5 critical updates.

Downloading the SharpDevelop 3 ? Just use Firefox,Chrome or other web browser (IE doesn't install there)

or just RDP to transfer the installer.


After successfull install You will be presented with error about missing WebBrowser component

(because lack of IE, which can't be installed on this system.)


Just ignore it and click "Continue" and You can start developing and testing Your tools

right away on that machine.


Probably it will work also on the Microsoft Windows Server Core R2.