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DCPromo not using Windows default values for NTDS and SYSVOL locations


After we had used CoreConfigurator 2.0 to promote a new set of Domain Controllers, we realised that both the SYSVOL and NTDS paths were not as expected. It appeared that a backslash had been missed out, creating two new folders on the root of the C: drive “windowsSYSVOL” and “windowsNTDS” rather than SYSVOL and NTDS within the Windows folder.
After examining the DCPromo.ps1 file, it has occurred to us that, rather than hard coding a path to these folders, we could utilise the %windir% system variable. Within this in mind, could I submit the following for review and possible inclusion in the next version of CoreConfigurator? These changes have been tested and confirmed to work in our test environment.
Line 261
$txtboxSYSVOL.Text = "c:\windowsSYSVOL"
replace with
$txtboxSYSVOL.Text = "%windir%\SYSVOL"
Line 267
$txtboxNTDSLogfile.Text = "c:\windowsNTDS"
replace with
$txtboxNTDSLogfile.Text = "%windir%\NTDS"
Line 273
$txtboxNTDSdatabase.Text = "c:\windowsNTDS"
Replace with
$txtboxNTDSdatabase.Text = "%windir%\NTDS"
This will also bring Core Configurator wizard in line with the GUI version of dcpromo.exe (although that displays the full, expanded, path).